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Renewable Energies in Canada

Our Market: The Canadian Renewable Energy Market

Aside from onshore wind energy and hydropower, photovoltaics is the fastest growing technology in the renewable energy sector. The outlook going forward remains highly positive, particularly in Canada and the US.

The main features of the Canadian Market:

Total capacity of 11.89 GW of wind, 2.5 GW of photovoltaic systems (2016)
Market growth in recent years averaging 18% or 1,327 MW per year Expansion of renewable energies is a central component of Canada's climate protection strategy:

  • 30% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to 2005
  • All coal-fired power plants to go offline by 2030
  • Introduction of nationwide carbon tax
  • 90% of electricity to be generated from emission-free energy sources by 2030 (green electricity)
  • 100% coverage of Canadian government's electricity needs via green electricity by 2025
  • Investments of CAD 3 billion approved in 2017 budget

Technological progress / increased efficiency leads to independence from government feed-in tariffs.


About Ventusolar Global Capital

Ventusolar Global Capital GmbH (VGC), which is rooted in the Canadian renewable energy market via its sister company Ventusolar Inc., is an investment advisor with an experienced management team that provides institutional clients with access to renewable energy assets in terms of wind, photovoltaics and hydropower primarily in Canada but also in the US. VGC’s management team has a track record spanning renewable energy projects with a total capacity of around 1 GW.

Ventusolar Global Capital has an extensive network of local based project developers, authorities, utility companies and international wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers in Canada. This broad experience and familiarity with key opportunities and risks, sees Ventusolar Group well positioned to assist new entrants as well as existing clients within advisory mandates to the Canadian energy market.

This allows institutional investors interested in acquiring renewable energy project developments and / or operational power plants to secure a sufficient number of excellent, profitable projects and assets for their respective investment within a short period of time.


Our Services

Ventusolar Group is an investment advisory boutique based on German standards specializing in Canadian renewable energy assets, but also covering the US. For our funds and clients, we identify the assets that meet their investment criteria and return expectations on a daily, ongoing basis and offer a complete range of services. This is based on our strong track record stemming from more than 10 years in the Canadian renewable energy business.

Together with our partners, our services cover the entire transaction process, from the initial sourcing and evaluation of projects as well as the coordination of external partners and independent consultants, especially with regard to technical, legal, tax and legal due diligence, to contract negotiations and the final takeover and potential restructuring of projects, all the way to upactive investment consulting.

Within the scope of each advisory mandate, renewable energy projects are sourced and comprehensively evaluated. Based on this, the Ventusolar internal due diligence team prepares its own project documents, including a detailed profitability calculation in order to determine the optimal financing structure tailored to clients within the mandate’s pre-determined investment parameters. Further steps include soliciting financing commitments, coordinating the entire due diligence process with external partners, and supervising terms and loan agreements, as required, to make project financing available for payment.

Within a sales mandate, Ventusolar provides comprehensive support in terms of sourcing, evaluation and processing of project acquisitions and sales. Within Ventusolar’s ongoing daily business, projects are identified and prepared through a detailed review for an efficient and structured acquisition and/or sales process. By preparing meaningful profitability calculations, evaluating marketing documents (exposé, information memorandum) and setting up data rooms, a solid basis for each project appraisal is created for qualified investors. Through such a targeted investor-oriented approach, Ventusolar collects investment opportunities and supervises the entire process by coordinating external partners (as required) from the time of sourcing up to the successful acquisition and/or sale of each project, including active investment consulting between the time of acquisition and sale.


Our Investment Process

The selection and valuation process for all power plants is conducted in several stages – internally via the involvement of the local team of the Ventusolar Inc. sister company in Canada and the due diligence team at the German Ventusolar Global Capital GmbH, and externally via an independent external due diligence review, which is provided e.g. by our partner Rödl & Partner, who is then contracted before each acquisition decision by the client.

Investment Process


Our Investment Strategy

Ventusolar provides access to shovel ready as well as already operational PV, wind and hydro power plants. Capital can be invested:

  1. In direct shareholdings of renewable energy plants that are already in commercial operation, at the early construction/shovel-ready stage or in early mid-stage development status. Investments are exclusively conducted in internally and externally reviewed assets (by Ventusolar and independent third parties, respectively) relating to renewable energy: i.e. on-shore and near-shore (lake) wind projects, ground mount and large-scale rooftop PV projects, with the focus on Canada.

  2. In pooled solutions via Luxembourg Funds, advised by Ventusolar Global Capital and managed by the LRI Group (Apex Group Ltd.) The Funds invest in direct shareholdings of renewable energy plants that are already in commercial operation, at the early construction/shovel-ready stage (Ventusolar Green Energy I) or in early mid-stage development status (Ventusolar Green Development Fund I). Investments are exclusively conducted in internally, externally and independently reviewed assets relating to renewable energy: on-shore and near-shore (lake) wind projects, ground mount and large-scale rooftop PV projects, with the focus on Canada.



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