Ventusolar Green Development I

The investment is made in shares in project developments that have been audited exclusively externally and independently.

Joint ventures are established with experienced local project developers. Direct majority shareholdings in the respective equity capital of the project companies (SPVs) of projects already in development are preferred. Minority shareholdings are only possible in cooperation with a qualified partner; a shareholding of at least 51 percent is aimed for.

The investments in question are purely equity stakes and do not imply any assumption of liability. To ensure diversification, investments are always placed in at least two shares of different project developments at the same time. The average period of time until the “ready for construction” status is attained should normally not exceed twelve to eighteen months.

If the status of “ready for construction” is reached, which means “fully approved and ready for construction”, the aim, on the one hand, is to sell 50 percent of the project companies and, on the other, to acquire full ownership of the remaining 50 percent (payout to the project partner or joint venture partner). Stakes that are retained can be pursued until the commissioning stage (grid connection) is reached.



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