Ventusolar Green Energy I

Investments here take place in the form of shares in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for operational plant or systems.

The operational plant and systems consist of renewable energy power plants or systems which are already in operation or which, as a minimum, have reached the status of “ready for construction”. Under the term “ready for construction”, VENTUSOLAR Global Capital understands a conditionally effective purchase with acceptance upon commissioning (grid connection), if necessary with an equity portion for interim construction financing.

The fund's capital is invested in direct shareholdings in renewable energies. Direct majority shareholdings in the SPV's equity capital are preferred. A minority stake is only possible in cooperation with a qualified partner. Investments are made exclusively in externally and independently audited projects and plants


The requirements for investments are as follows:

  • External and independent due diligence (at the technical, business, legal and tax law level)
  • Presence of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or an agreement regarding a feed-in tariff (FIT)



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