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Ventusolar Luxembourg S.à r.l.

VENTUSOLAR Luxembourg S.à r.l.

The VENTUSOLAR Luxembourg S.à r.l. is a company with limited liability and its registered office in Luxembourg. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company VENTUSOLAR Global Capital GmbH (VGC) and acts as a general partner of the Ventusolar Green Energy Fund SCS, SICAV-RAIF.

The purpose of the general partner is to act in the form of an investment company with variable capital of a reserved alternative investment fund under the Law of 23 July 2016 on Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (Ventusolar Green Energy Fund SCS, SICAV-RAIF), as amended.

The headquarter of VENTUSOLAR Luxembourg S.à r.l. with the commercial register number Luxembourg, B 232813 is located at 9A, rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach. The managing directors are from LRI Invest S.A. Ali Gündüz and Christian Rainer Pauly.


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